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Strategy Analysis & Development

You have a strategy. The question is whether or not it is creating the results you want. This service begins with an analysis of your current situation. From there, we create a plan together that will help you achieve the goals that matter most to you. This process normally takes about two months for most companies and will leave you with a customized action plan to achieve your goals.

Strategy Implementation

Creating a strategy is step one. Now for the hard part, implementing the changes necessary to get you where you need to go. Your normal business tasks and challenges will continue to exist while you work to implement the change, so we offer assistance by increasing your capacity during this critical time. We work with you inside your business to make the changes needed. We are willing to get our hands dirty and make sure your strategy is providing the results you want.

Advisory Sessions

Using a guided conversation model, we provide perspective and an objective lens to address the challenges you are facing. Practically, these are phone calls, coffee meetings, and lunches where we dive into the areas causing you stress and uncertainty.

Council of Entrepreneurs

Since life as a business owner can be lonely, we created a place for entrepreneurs to come together and have a place they belong. It is an invitation only group of entrepreneurs under 40 focused on building relationships and creating the life they want. We follow has a strict no solicitation policy and does not include competitors. If you are looking to network in the traditional sense, this is not the place for you. If you are looking to build meaningful relationships with other people running at the same pace as you are, contact us for more information about a group near you.


If you are looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker for an upcoming event, we offer keynote presentations on topics relevant to entrepreneurs and other business leaders. Topics include:

  • The Last Act of Leadership: Developing an Exit Strategy
  • The Truth About Entrepreneurship
  • Managing Family Business Transitions
  • Understanding Your Scorecard: Success Defined


Custom Solutions

We want to serve entrepreneurs, and we realize entrepreneurs see the world differently. If you have a challenge and believe we can help, please reach out. We can customize a solution to fit your needs.