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Caught in the Middle: Life as a Key Leader

In every organization, there is a person that acts as the translator. They live split between two worlds. They must think and act as visionaries with the owner of the business, but they must also unpack these ideas into tactical steps for the rest of the team. While their official titles differ depending on the business (COO, Office Manager, Admin Assistant, or Co-Founder), everyone knows who they are.

These individuals are Key Leaders. They are invaluable to the organization, but they face a number of challenges that leaves them feeling isolated, lonely, and frustrated. The greatest challenge they face is the lack of a true peer who understands the issues they face on a daily basis. What they need is someone who understands the difficulty of living in between these two worlds. This is why we created Key Leader Forum.

Key Leader Forum provides a confidential community for leaders to develop themselves and become better equipped to overcome the challenges they face on a regular basis. The members provide objective perspectives for each other while building deep relationships that expand their network. The Forum is based on a peer advisory structure, which provides accountability and assistance in converting knowledge into action.

Business owners do a great job finding resources to support them. Where they may struggle is finding meaningful support for the Key Leaders around them. The Forum exists to help alleviate this problem for business owners and provide a way to invest in people that have given so much to the organization.

If you live in the Oklahoma City area, we have a new Key Leader Forum starting in a few weeks. If you are interested to learn more about it, please fill out this brief form so we can contact you.

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