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Are You Drowning in Opportunity?

We find comfort in opportunity. We like the feeling of options. We take solace in the ability to choose.

But what if our pursuit of opportunity is actually harming our ability to add value? What if our longing to find more things to choose from is actually decreasing our ability to choose?

Many studies have been done about choice overload. The consistent findings in all these studies reveal we are less likely to make a decision once a certain threshold of option choices is met. We become paralyzed by the options and fail to act.

Opportunity can cause you to drown. In the midst of searching for other options, the competition passes you by with a new product. While you are looking for one more vendor to choose from, the window of opportunity closed.

For most situations, there is not one right answer or one wrong answer. The option choices could be right or could be wrong depending on how you choose to implement the decision. The most important aspect is making a decision. Moving forward and experimenting will provide more value than spending more time considering the options.

Opportunity without the ability to make decisions is harmful. It will kill your organization. Focus more on how you make decisions and what information is needed to move forward with confidence.

Lack of opportunity is rarely a problem. Lack of prioritization and focus is the problem.

When your organization is looking for more opportunities, maybe what you should pursue is a better ability to make decisions with the options you already have.