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Success & Mastery

What is the difference between success and mastery?

Success is doing it once.

Mastery is the ability to do it repeatedly at the same level of excellence.

Many people will experience success, but few will experience mastery. Lots of businesses have a successful product launch, but can they repeat it?

Mastery is success consistently repeated. It requires a trend of successful actions. It is built over time. It requires diligent work and experience. It is earned through hard work. Mastery is the pinnacle of success.

Mastery is the difference between a winning season and a winning program. John Wooden built a winning program at UCLA. Mike Krzyzewski built a winning program at Duke. Jack Welch built a winning organization at GE. Lots of coaches and CEO's can lead you to a good year, but can they repeat it?

Having a good year or a winning season is easy. Mastery involves how you power through adversity and overcome. It is a focus on the details that collectively lead to your continued excellence. These are the attributes that differentiate you from the rest and lead others to label you as an expert or master in your field. Calling yourself an expert after experiencing success is foolish. Others will label you an expert after witnessing your mastery.

Many people desire mastery in an industry, but they are unwilling to put in the hard work needed to make it a reality. Are you willing to do the work? Are you willing to fight through adversity and not rest when you achieve the first taste of success?

Don't stop at success. Build upon that success and discover what it takes to achieve mastery.