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Fear & Regret

Being a leader requires courage. Courage to step into the unknown and make a decision. This is the cost of leadership.

No one wants to be wrong. In fact, we have created most of our lives to avoid pain. We insulate ourselves and attempt to cushion the blow that comes from being wrong. We hesitate on making decisions to increase the likelihood we won't be wrong. This is driven by fear.

The fear of being wrong is robbing you of the potential of learning from your failure. It has to stop.

While fear is scary, regret is worse. Regret lingers. It is hard to get rid of it. It likes to stay around and quietly remind you of past failures. It reminds you of the missed opportunities and the bad choices you made.

While regret may be a part of life, as a leader, you have the opportunity to change the role it plays. Even though you can't go back and erase past regrets, you can focus on learning from them and decide how to act moving forward.

Will you face the fear of today or the regret of forever?

Bryan Clifton