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The GEFN Mindset

"Well it was good enough for now."

How many times have you heard that phrase or something similar in your organization?

The Good Enough for Now (GEFN) mindset values the short term over the long term. The symptoms are treated, but the underlying issue still exist. The focus is on dealing with an emergency rather than thinking strategically about what could prevent the next emergency. This mindset does not build organizations. All it does is increase the endurance of the organization to deal with unneeded chaos.

It values quick fixes, but quick fixes are not solutions. They are temporary stopgaps.

Your company will not rise to be the market leader with a collection of stopgap solutions.

The GEFN mindset is out of sight, out of mind. As long as it isn't an emergency, it can wait till it is an emergency.

So how do you replace the GEFN mindset?

You stop allowing it to happen.

Organizations tend to sink to the lowest common denominator. If they know they can get by doing less work, most people will do less work. However, if you raise the standards, people will elevate their game to the new expectations.

Will it take time?


Will it mean you might have some turnover?


The GEFN mindset is a ceiling on your organization. It is hard to attract and retain top talent if the pervasive culture is to sweep issues under the rug and deal with them later. You must deal with the real issue if you want a different result.

If you are afraid to deal with the GEFN mindset in your organization, you are perpetuating the problem. You have said the way the organization functions is good enough for now. Is that what you want?