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The Cost of Leadership

To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.
— Aristotle

The cost of being a leader is greater uncertainty, not less. Leaders are thrust into situations where they prove their leadership abilities by navigating waters of uncertainty. How they manage and lead during those times of chaos reveals who they are and what they stand for. These are the moments we remember about great leaders like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill, and others. They faced uncertainty head on and persevered.

You will never eliminate uncertainty. It will always exist within organizations and in your personal life. The quest to eliminate uncertainty comes at a very high cost. The pursuit of eliminating uncertainty leads to the acceptance of predictability. Great leaders are not searching for more of the predictable. They are leading people into uncertainty knowing the reward is worth more than the cost of failure.

Clarity allows you to navigate uncertainty. It provides a shining beacon that lights the path. It unifies people behind a common purpose and towards a common objective. Great leaders reveal clarity in the midst of uncertainty. They provide hope that drives actions. It taps into a deeper reservoir of human potential and motivates us to be more alive.

This is the costs of leadership, but it is also the reward of a job well done. Be a leader than searches for clarity in the midst of uncertainty.