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Do You Know Your Origin Story?

All great ideas come from somewhere. They have an origin. 

The origin is the place where the company, idea, or project was born. You can trace the path back to a specific moment or a series of moments that started it all.

Some stories are well known like Apple starting in a garage and Facebook starting in Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room at Harvard. Others are less well known but still foundational in the principles of the organization like the original Chick-fil-a opening as the "Dwarf Grill" in Atlanta.

Every origin story is unique. No two stories are the same. They cannot be repeated or duplicated.

Often we try to duplicate another story and expect similar results. The problem is this is impossible. The world has changed since they started the company. Some for the better and some for the worse. You cannot recreate the environment they had when they started the company or launched the project. You can learn from their principles, but you cannot duplicate their actions.

If you followed every step that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak took to start Apple in today's day and age, you would starve. The environment is not the same. The competition is stronger. The market is different.

The origin is the beginning. Seldom is it an epiphany moment. Often it is a journey that starts with more questions than answers. The search is part of the fun that drives the inner excitement and fear.

The search drives the well where ideas and passions flow from. When you understand where you thoughts flow from, you can be intentional about creating the path they flow through.

Everybody starts somewhere. Where you start is very important, but it doesn't determine where you finish.

What is your origin story? How is it impacting the story your customers tell themselves about using your product or service?