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Why Does Your Business Exist?

A business exists for a purpose.

Do you know what the purpose is for your company?

Ask another leader within your company and see if they have the same answer as you. Chances are it is similar but not the same.

As a leader, your job is to to create, embody, and communicate the purpose of the organization. If you don't do that, I guarantee you trouble will ensue.

The purpose of your company is the answer to this question: "Why do we exist?"

This is a simple question, but do not overlook the importance of the answer. The answer to this question reveals the motivation, work ethic, culture, and all other aspects of your business. If your answer is to serve the customer, then expect your processes to align with that purpose. If, however, your answer to the question is to serve your employees, expect a different set of processes to align with that purpose. Chances are you have a myriad of answers to this question within your organization and the inefficiency that is causing is costing you money. If the entire team is not crystal clear on what the purpose is, all other areas of the business will be off balance and working inefficiently. 

The purpose of your business is the foundation everything is built upon. Imagine you are building a house and the foundation was built by many different people each overseeing one room or small section of a room. They didn't look at a blueprint to see what the overall plan was. Instead, they were each left to make their own decisions and wished the best of luck. What do you expect the outcome to be for the house? What issues would this create? Framing the house would be more difficult, plumbing would have issues, and many other areas of the house would suffer from an uneven foundation, not to mention the house is probably unlivable. Some of these issues would be realized as the house is being built, but others wouldn't surface until long after the construction was complete like the need for foundation repair or splits in the walls.

Your company is like this house. If one person is in charge of laying the foundation for one part of the house and not another, what are the chances it will line up like it should? The same is true of purpose. Your entire team must understand what the purpose is for your company. If they don't, each person will come up with their own idea of what the purpose is and make decisions based off of that assumption which may or may not be in line with your ideas as a leader.

Does this sound familiar? Have you experienced companies like this where it seems like everyone is driving in a different direction?

The great thing is it is not too late to discover the purpose and communicate it clearly throughout your company. It will take work and likely will cause pain, but the opportunities it creates are well worth the pain.

It is important to understand the purpose of your organization. Not only do you need to understand it, but every member of the team needs to understand it. The only way to develop a shared purpose is for everyone involved to be on the same page.

ACTION ITEM: Assemble your leadership team and ask the question, "Why do we exist?" Until leadership is clear, your communication to the rest of the team will be inconsistent. Get on the same page. This is the first step towards achieving Authentic Momentum.