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4 Insights of Strong Leaders

Strong leaders are not superhuman, but they have identified ways to sort through the data and act decisively when the time is right. They know how to make wise decisions. While this sounds easy, it can be difficult to implement. Here are four insights that allow them to act with confidence:

Clarify the Purpose

When you are clear about the purpose, then you can lead from a place of strength. If you understand what matters to your company, it is easy to make decisions. Clarity creates healthy boundaries that block out potential time wasting options and speeds up the process of real opportunities. The only way healthy boundaries exist is through a deep understanding of the organization's purpose.

Assemble a Strong Team

Leaders know what they don't know. They also know who they need around them to help cover gaps. A good leader does not try to be all things, but instead they focus on building a team of people and ultimately an organization that collectively has the skills to tackle the challenges on the horizon.

Know When to Act

Timing is everything. It is easy to criticize a decision after it has been made and the results are in, but few people have the ability to make wise decisions in the heat of battle. Strong leaders know when to act, how to act, and what force to put behind the action. This is both an art and a science.

Strength is Not Force

A strong leader rarely leads by force. They lead through trust, relationships, and vision casting. Force is only used in rare circumstances. What makes a leader strong is the lack of need to use force. Strong leaders know that empowering others behind a shared purpose and creating the environment for innovation is the key to a healthy organization.