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Action Does Not Equal Progress

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.
— Lewis Carroll

Action does not equal progress. Action can easily be waste and inefficiency.

Action is defined as "the fact or process of doing something". Action, by definiton, can literally be anything. Any time you make a move, that is an action. Action is not what you need more of. What you really want is progress.

Progress is defined as "forward or onward movement toward a destination". Progress changes lives. Progress transforms companies. Progress is made up of action, but it is deliberate actions with a strategic purpose to them. Progress is only possible if you know where you are trying to go. Without a finish line or clearly defined goals, anywhere could be the right answer.

Action is the default state of being. We are all "acting" every day, but that does not mean we are making progress. Progress starts with clarity. You must know what your goals are before you can make progress towards them. Many invididuals and companies are so busy "acting" that they fail to press the pause button long enough to realize if their actions are helping them get where they want to go.

Often we think we need more time so we can do more things. We believe that if we had more time, we would somehow be able to achieve all of the goals we have and feel better about ourselves. This is simply not true. Action does not equal progress. Just because you are doing something does not mean you are doing something of meaning.

The first step in making progress is pressing pause. You must stop the action. Until you do this, you will not experience true progress. Pause is not forever. It is likely a few hours to a few days at most. Press pause, take a breath, and discover what is important to you and your organization.