Some complex problems we solve:

Your business needs to reinvent itself

You’re navigating an ownership transition

You need a way to develop and retain high-potential leaders

You’re dealing with a complex family business issue

You have a complicated issue that needs to be solved

You’re skeptical we can help because you believe your problem is unique to you

What Others Have to Say

Myriad was able to walk alongside our leadership team as we transitioned ownership of our company from the founders to the next generation. If your business is facing a transition period, we highly recommend bringing Myriad into the process. Myriad helped us develop a tailored and collaborative strategy that aligned with our goals. Even after our ownership transition, Myriad continues to help us implement innovative solutions to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and drive growth for our business.

Katy Gustafson

Principal, Gooden Group

What we did:

Ownership Transition & Scaling

The firm was growing and evolving very quickly, and we needed professional assistance in how to navigate that growth and change. Bryan addressed the financial and strategic issues as well as the emotional one. I highly recommend!

Christin Mugg

Mugg Winston Law Firm

What we did:

Strategy and Acquisition

Entrepreneurship and business development are complex endeavors, and it's immensely valuable to have guidance from someone who has experienced them firsthand. Having someone you can bounce ideas off of, troubleshoot problems with, and just have a good old brainstorming session is invaluable. I've worked with different business advisors before, and they've all given me great advice, but Myriad Insight is unique. What makes them special is that every advisor also actively owns or operates their own company, so they walk the talk, and understand your situation first-hand.

Ashley Quintana

President, BridgeRev

What we did:

Scaling and Organizational Structure

USA Digital was a 25-year-old long-distance and data service provider that was looking to install a new offensive system geared towards focusing on new-age communications technologies. Myriad Insight was able to help drive the company through the difficulties of the transition, install the new offensive system, and help recruit the right personnel to run the system. We would highly recommend Bryan and Myriad Insight.

Brent West

President, USA Digital

What we did:

Crisis Intervention and Scaling

How We Do It



We start by performing a comprehensive analysis of your company to determine not only where help is needed, but to identify and use the current strengths of the company as the building blocks for change.


The Plan

We create a step-by-step plan, and walk with you to implement those steps. Our goal is to not only increase productivity for your company, but to also create a work-life culture that your employees will be proud to be part of.



We want to work ourselves out of a job. We are not looking to stick around forever. We want to help you solve the issue and grow internal competency to thrive on your own.


Bryan Clifton headshot

Bryan Clifton

I am driven by a desire to help founders, families, and next generation leaders align their vision for success with the life they want to live and the legacy they want to leave.

I grew up working in a family business that ultimately collapsed, so I deeply understand the challenges that impact the family and the business. Now, as a serial entrepreneur with nearly a dozen successful companies, I know first hand the challenges that business owners are facing.

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